Meet my little Graham. He's the true boss around here. He has no concept of personal space, makes messes, follows me around everywhere and allows little work to be done. Most days I try to get in all of my work (not including housework) in 2 hours (his nap time). And can I just say thank goodness for the creation of yoga pants. Honestly most days we wear our jammies but when I'm filling it, yoga pants it is! Lets not even talk about hair and makeup. I won't even go there. There are days that I can't WAIT for nap time but most days - I can't wait for him to wake to start another adventure together. Running a business from home has its challenges at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I get to raise my baby at home and live out my passion all at the same time and make money while doing it. I mean what's better than that?

Although he is now 20 months (We've grown a bunch & cut off the mullet since then), I couldn't resist sharing these. A little over two months ago we traveled to Texas for a family wedding. My sweet Mimi just so happen to have the cutest heard of goats and ducks - so the photographer in me had to take advantage. As you can see through the images, Graham wasn't the best shepherd, ha! My heart can't keep up with how fast time is passing. I could cry at the thought of him turning two in just four short months. I am holding on tight to every ounce of baby he has left. I love this little boy fiercely.